My final thesis in naturopathy at the Institut Euronature, entitled "NATUROPATHY DEVELOPED IN THE MODEL OF THE 8 CIRCUITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF THIMOTY LEARY" was a real adventure and above all an individual research of several years. I talked about it in my original website here. But I did not say everything because even before passing the course and choosing this theme of work, it is a whole fundamental reflection on the possibility of establishing links between the naturopathic health approach and this model of consciousness which has a metaphysical and quantum aim.

Is it possible to find a practical application in the context of a consultation?

The answer was yes. It required exploring the possibilities and developing a single evaluation system that constitutes the monitoring sheets. But besides the possibility of using it, the following question was :

Does the model improve the holistic approach to naturopathy?

This is the heart of my dissertation. I put myself to the test through a series of individual follow-ups with a group of people who agreed to participate and make a feedback after this working approach.

The most obvious thing that jumped out at me, in addition to the results expressed by the participants, was the potential of the tool. This is the strength of this model of the 8 circuits. A real revolution in our perception of our totality with a cartography that allows us to explore it.

Thanks to this revolutionary approach, shamanism is no longer quite the same, as Laurent Huguelit says. I think it's the same for naturopathy. It will not be quite the same anymore.

Is this a "quantum" leap? A paradigm shift? It is above all the result of the creative genius that we are endowed with and that we must learn to cultivate. This is the proper dimension of the 8th circuit.

My study thesis is now available in French and wil be soon in English. The original text is much more illustrated than the original version which allows a better understanding of the approach.

I invite you to download the online booklet available here at publications and for those who wish to start their dive deeper into the loop of the 8 circuits, you can take a look at this page for further references.