The 8 circuits model of consciousness includes a set of 8 "circuits" which have a precise correspondence on one or sometimes several dimensions of our individual totality.

Exploring each of them is an invitation to an inner and outer journey that will allow us to better know each other, understand each other and improve the functioning of each of these systems.

In the end, it is an invitation to develop in us our latent potential as an authentic human being. For this, the beginning of the journey will be to start by taking care of regulating our essential functions, which is the characteristic of naturopathy.

1 – Survival or basic circuit - Feeding/security

It represents the vital functions of our organism, the digestive and respiratory systems. It allows us to rest and regenerate. It is the circuit of anchoring to the Earth.

Some key words of the circuit: sleep, eat, tranquility, assimilation of vital elements

2 – Emotional or expansion circuit – movement/territoriality

It is related to the musculoskeletal system and emotions. It is the engine, the source of what is called vital energy. It allows you to undertake, act and move.

Some key words of the circuit: move, explore, confront, undertake

3 – Symbolic or intellectual circuit – conceptualization/abstraction

It allows the use of language and tools. This is the circuit of higher cognitive functions. It processes information, it analyzes, classifies, conceptualizes.

Some key words of the circuit: conceptualize, logic, use tools, language, science

4 – Social circuit – social life/reproduction

It corresponds to the social context. It is the circuit that makes it possible to organize the group and society as a whole, in particular by setting moral rules. It is related to empowerment and family life.

Some key words of the circuit: socialization, social function, work, family, responsibility, culture

5 – Neurosomatic circuit – dimension of the body/dimension of subtle energies and pleasure

It allows you to become aware of your body, emotions and energies: magnetism, Qi, Ki or Prana. It is also the circuit of the symbolic language of the body that expresses itself and seeks to enjoy its existence.

Some key words of the circuit: awareness of my body, awareness of my emotions, feeling, energies, empathy, "get high"

6 – Neuroelectric circuit – dimension of the brain, the psyche and therefore of the unconscious, notion of reality

The activation of this circuit makes it possible to become aware of the faculties of our nervous system and therefore of the brain. It is the gateway to the psyche.

Some key words of the circuit: awareness of my thoughts, psychic senses, control of emotions

7 – Neurogenetic circuit – associated with the notion of global consciousness, or collective unconscious, genetic memory and therefore DNA (family, groupal) and archetypes

It has an organizing function through DNA, great universal principles, archetypes and a transcendental function. It is the circuit of wisdom that activates when we meditate.

Some key words of the circuit: Collective memory, wisdom, meditation, spirituality

8 – Neuroatomic circuit – non-local, integrates quantum laws including the law of attraction and co-creation

It allows us to co-create reality outside the nervous system. This is the creative circuit. By extension, it is related to dreamlike activities and also to death and the Hereafter.

Some key words of the circuit: Co-creation of our reality, inventiveness, creative genius, individuation, The Beyond, dream, "self-realization", "Void is full"