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Patrick Laubscher

+33 (0)6 45 41 58 09


Skype : patrick.laubscher

20 rue de la Combe

Saint-Germain-au-Mont d’or


About me

Naturopath, herbalist, practitioner of meditation, Reiki, drum shamanism and author

"I have dedicated my life to this holistic work that starts from a search for right perception with philosophy and spirituality, and continues through energetic practices, shamanism, heathly lifestyle and knowledge of traditional herbalism. When I discovered the existence of this 8 circuits model of consciousness it was a real awakening. It turned out to be the binder that allows to connect between them all these approaches, as well as to see them in their specificity and complementarity.

The holistic work is now at the heart of my work as a therapist, in addition to being at the center of my life. I am convinced that it is the future of the development of our consciousness and the cornerstone of our overall health. Thanks to Timothy Leary and all the other practitioners and designers of the model because we have a great working tool that takes us into an endless loop: the spiral of life. »